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My work with POV-Ray

As I mentioned on my home page, I am the Team Coordinator for a freeware ray tracing program called POV-Ray (which is short for Persistence of Vision Ray Tracer). POV-Ray is an all volunteer effort that meets via the CompuServe Information Service. CompuServe subscribers should "GO POVRAY" to get to the POV-Ray Forum where I sysop. If you don't subscribe to CompuServe, the POV-Ray program has its own Official POV-Ray Web page as well as an ftp site for downloading the latest version.

Soon I'll put up some ray trace images I've created but for now, check out this stuff..

My Books

I am the author of three (or is it two) books on ray tracing with POV-Ray. The books are published by Waite Group Press.

I'm sad to report all my books are out of print and there are no plans to update or reprint them.

So just to brag... the books are:

Ray Tracing Creations, Second Edition
by Chris Young and Drew Wells

This is revised edition of my first book so I don't know if it counts as one or two books. Its a beginner's book that will teach you the basics of POV-Ray but it also has a full reference that advanced users like.

Ray Tracing Worlds with POV-Ray
by Alexander Enzmann, Lutz Kretzschmar and Chris Young

This is my second book no matter how you count them. I only wrote one appendix of about 50 pages but I'm listed as a co-author on the cover so I still call it one of my books. This is an intermediate book for people who want more than the first book. It includes a shareware wire-frame modeler to make it easier to create scenes.

Ray Tracing for the Macintosh CD by Eduard Schwan

I don't know diddly about Macs and I'm not listed on the cover as an author. However the Mac CD that comes with this book contains a really cool graphical hypertext translation of the reference chapter from Ray Tracing Creations 2ed. I get a thank you on the acknowledgment page (and they paid me a small fee).

Favorite Web Artists

Here are some other ray trace sites.

Dan Farmer's Home Page -- Dan is a good friend and a great ray trace artist who has answered more user's questions than anybody in the universe. He put together a great showcase of his work here. He says he isn't a programmer but he has added some good stuff to the program especially for POV-Ray 3.0 which will be out in late 1995.

Robert A. Mickelsen's Home Page -- Robert is an extraordinary aritst. I included some of my favorite images of his in the color plate section of RTC. (Dan is in RTC also).

Truman Brown's HomeWoild Lobby -- Truman Brown creates lots of bizzare-yet-cute creatures that populate a place he calls the Woild. That's no typo. His Woild is not of this world but its really great stuff.

GreG's Electric Dreams -- Greg doesn't use POV-Ray. He uses another program called Imagine. And does he ever! Greg's imagination and talent are a thing to behold. His web page design is awsome too.

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